Posted on: August 23, 2011 3:09 pm

Chris Johnson blinks

Chris Johnson is scheduled to meet with the Titans, according to several reports. This means only one thing: Johnson has given in.

Several weeks ago Johnson told one close friend in the NFL he was prepared to sit out for an extensive period of the season. That likely has changed. There's a good chance the two sides will likely work out a deal making Johnson the highest paid runner in football.

Johnson was in the right for his overall holdout stance but in the wrong with his position lately. The Titans held out an olive branch recently saying they'd begin negotiations in earnest if he showed up. Johnson refused. At that point, he made a mistake. He should have just gotten his butt in camp.

Larry Fitzgerald was also underpaid (not as much as Johnson I know). He came into camp, negotiated while there, and then left with the deal of a lifetime.

Johnson did blink but the good news, it seems, is that the two sides will talk. That's all that matters.
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Posted on: December 7, 2008 9:26 pm

Dear Titans Fans: I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for saying several weeks ago the Jets were better than Tennessee.

I'm sorry for believing in the Jets.

I'm sorry for thinking the Jets were anything but a group of Gang Green chokers.

I'm sorry for believing in them over your Titans.

Brett Favre is overrated and done.

Titans fans: You were right and I was wrong. I'll never believe in the Jets again and I'll never doubt my new favorite team, the Titans.

That is all.
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