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Posted on: February 2, 2012 9:06 am
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Super Bowl Shoutout: The Power of Tebow

INDIANAPOLIS -- Let me tell you a story about a grounded superstar...

A small group of writers, including myself, were in a downtown restaurant having a casual dinner with commissioner Roger Goodell. Nice time, good people, the commish is a class act.

Suddenly our waitress has a message: Tim Tebow is in the restaurant.

Word is sent to Tebow that the commissioner is at our table and Tebow comes over. Tebow greets everyone at the table with a sincere smile and handshake. Nothing phony. Completely genuine. It was truly impressive to see. But the story gets better.

Behind our table was a window, and a small group of fans could see inside. They spotted Tebow. The crowd grew. And grew. And grew some more. A few people turned into about 40 or 50 at least. People who couldn't even see in the window just stood there hearing Tebow was inside. The crowd got so large it spilled into the street and police had to tell the fans to step back onto the sidewalk.

Tebow left and went outside where he signed countless autographs (Goodell later did the same).

I've been critical of Tebow's play (never of him as a person) but that was a highly interesting moment. I can't tell you how many athletes I've seen from many different sports treat fans in similar situations like garbage. Tell them to blank off or just walk by.

I'm not making any grand statements or saying there are no other athletes that would treat people and fans the same. Of course there are. I'm just making a simple observation: That was cool to see. Cool to see an athlete who gets it.

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Posted on: January 14, 2012 11:27 pm
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Tebow era ends with a blowout by Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It was one of the few moments during this stunning run, during this odds defying time, when Tim Tebow lost his cool. It was understandable. He was on the receiving end of a historic beatdown.

Tebow had been sacked and felt the hit merited a roughing penalty. No flag was thrown. Tebow screamed in the direction of the official. Screamed again. Screamed some more. There were several other similar outbursts as the score widened from huge to massive to humiliating.

At one point in the fourth quarter, Tebow had six completions to Tom Brady's six touchdowns. That just about says it all. The 45-10 final score doesn't do justice to what a stunning blowout this was. A few plays here and there and New England could have scored 60.

The end for Tebow and the Broncos was an ugly one. It was scary ugly. It was destiny altering ugly.

Tebow showed how not to play the position and Brady, as he has many times before, on many different fields, showed why he might be the best in history. The juxtaposition was as striking as the scoreboard.

Brady set a franchise playoff record with 363 passing yards. He had six touchdown passes. He attacked a frail, at times gutless Denver defense that was afraid to tackle tight end Rob Gronkowski. Brady even punted at the end of the game, the punt going 48 yards. The only thing missing from Brady's night was him hitting for the cycle.

It was a disrespectful move to have Brady punt, but it was still incredible to see.

Meanwhile, Tebow had one of the more miserable nights a quarterback has ever had in the playoffs, and Denver's season comes to an end.

Posted on: August 21, 2011 1:43 pm
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Is Tebow now untradeable?

The consensus in speaking with a handful of team personnel executives when it comes to one Tim Tebow is this: A trade could happen, but it's becoming increasingly likely the Broncos will keep or cut Tebow because the trade interest is dwindling rapidly.

The executives portray the Tebow situation as a complicated one. They believe that while the Broncos are not openly trying to trade Tebow, they say that when teams have recently inquired about him, the Broncos haven't been saying he's off the trading block, either.

Again, just to be clear, the Broncos aren't openly shopping Tebow but teams that have asked were told: Make us an offer we can't refuse.

The Broncos might deny this, but based on their recent actions, it seems they're realizing Tebow might not be a bona fide NFL thrower. Tebow was the third quarterback in Denver's last game. It might not stay that way, and there is a solid chance Tebow simply stays in Denver and learns and the franchise keeps him around.

But do you put a guy you like in that kind of embarrassing situation? Probably not.

The are two big problems for the Broncos and Tebow. First, there's the belief that the Broncos might even cut Tebow (I don't see that), so why would a team trade for him?

Second, some in football think Tebow might need to be switched to another position. One team executive says he believes Tebow would be a Pro Bowl fullback, a belief I've heard several times from others around the sport.

It's a complicated matter with no easy solution for the Broncos or Tebow. In a few weeks, or even less, we'll know his future for sure.

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