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Posted on: April 13, 2011 8:51 am
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The NFL Morning Shoutout

NFL lockout day 33 ... or as George Lucas might call it, Lawyer Wars.

Brett Favre is a sexting machine. Allegedly.

If Jake Locker ends up on the Patriots, I'll eat the second item on this list.

Liz Mullen, the excellent journalist from the SportsBusiness Journal, reports on a memo from the NFL to teams regarding contacts with players during the lockout. Violations result in hell to pay.

I like Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver -- a lot -- but he sounds a bit whiny here when speaking of the national media.

Heard about this rumor?

The NFL remains mad at me over this but too bad. It's true. And there's more to come.

Ray Lewis thinks he can beat a professional boxer. Ray Lewis is a dumbass if he really believes that.

Two items until you have your morning coffee.

Why no one knows anything about the draft, including the people who draft for a living.

Continue to hear the Carolina Panthers want Cam Newton and the main reason why is the excellent throwers in their division. The Panthers want one of their own.

Have a good morning and no sexting.

See you tomorrow.

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