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The Daily Shoutout: More fan violence

OPENING HIT: A man was stabbed during the San Diego-Oakland game on Thursday night. It's unclear if the violence was related to the game but this is how bad some of this violence is getting: the incident has received mininal coverage from the national media. This is how accustomed we've become to this sort of act. It barely registers any more.

This isn't the NFL's fault and I'm not going to climb aboard a high horsey and lecture about societal ills. This is the second incident of serious violence at a Raiders road game this year. In August, after the 49ers and Raiders played in a preseason game, a man wearing a "F--- the Niners" shirt was shot several times in the stomach.

Five months ago San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was allegedly beaten by two Dodgers fans.

Again, no high horse, just an expression of confusion. What's always been wonderful about sports is its unifying aspect but it seems some of that is eroding and we're becoming numb to it all.

DUNGY: I wonder if he could be convinced to coach at Penn State for a year or two. No classier guy, no better cure for that mess. The perfect transition to a more pernament coach.

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Hue Jackson running the Raiders

There was little doubt that up until his death Al Davis was still running the Oakland Raiders. Every signing, every move, every thought process went through him. When he died, there were questions about who would run the team.

We now know for certain, according to sources inside the team and in the NFL, that Hue Jackson has complete control of all personnel decisons involving the Raiders.

Team executive Amy Trask is handling certain aspects of the team but, for now, Jackson is the guy making practically all of the football decisions for the Raiders on and off the field. I'm told that will continue for the imeediate future, probably through the season.

It's a stunning turn for the Raiders. A rookie head coach is now running the football operations of one of the most historic franchises in all of sports, replacing a legend.

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NFL source: Palmer to Raiders done

The Raiders have traded for quarterback Carson Palmer sending the Bengals a first round pick in 2012 and a conditional pick in 2013 that will also likely be a first rounder. The deal is done.

Jay Glazer of Foxsports.com was the first to report the trade discussion between the two teams.

One team official said the deal should be announced either today or tomorrow.

This is a remarkable deal. Mike Brown, the stubborn owner of the Bengals, had refused to trade Palmer. He was mocked as a stubborn fool and old goat. Yet here is the old goat getting two first rounders for a washed up thrower.

Simply incredible.
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Posted on: October 8, 2011 10:36 am

Al Davis helped make the NFL great

The first time I met Al Davis was the early 1990s. I had just started covering the NFL and asked for an interview. He had refused for months and then granted a brief one. Some of the first words out of his mouth were these: "Don't believe every lie the league office says about me."

For much of his brilliant, chaotic and unreal life, Al Davis was at war. He fought commissioners. He fought other owners. He fought cities. He tussled with mayors and politicians and his own players. He earned a reputation as a crazy man.

But for those of you who don't know, do not let that deter from what Davis did. The NFL you see today? The multi-billion dollar league? The great league? The biggest, the baddest? Al Davis helped to build it. In many ways, it can be argued, few were bigger at making the sport what it is now.

He modernized the passing game. He made marketing a part of being an owner. He hired minorities to be coaches when other owners refused.

Al Davis was, in short, a brilliant man.

Never forget that. Never, ever forget that.
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Pryor appeal denied

It's official: Terrelle Pryor's appeal of his five-game suspension has been denied by commissioner Roger Goodell. Pryor will serve the remaining two games of his suspension. No, this announcement isn't a total shock, but the entire episode is now put to rest.

More on this later.
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The Daily Shoutout: Raiders edition

OPENING HIT: Few NFL teams outside of Cincinnati have caught more grief than the Raiders. Much of it well earned.Owner Al Davis has made some, well, poor decisions in recent years. I know. Stunning. Too many to count, in fact. We all know this.

The most disturbing part for the Raiders was the lack of hope. They have been one of the few teams in football where you know, pretty much, they were going to be terrible. There was no optimisim about the future. They were destined to four or five wins every year. Clockwork.

This year though...it seems different. The Raiders actually seem like they have a plan that works and certain things are coming to fruition started by Al Davis years ago. Their opening season win against Denver might not mean much. It is just one measly game and there's still a chance the Raiders will be terrible but there was something about them beating Denver that inspired hope.

They were emphasizing a strong running game. They made smart, tactical decisions on defense. Quarterback play was sensible. The fat boy kicker tied an NFL record. The Raiders looked like -- get this -- a real team for the first time in years. There is talent there. There is potential there. It's one game. It doesn't mean much but for the first time the Raiders have something they haven't possessed in a long, long time.


JIM IRSAY'S TWEETS: Get more interesting by the day. Here are three from Tuesday morning: "U may b an Ambassador 2 England or France,u might like 2 gamble,u might like 2 dance. U may b The Heavyweight Champion of the world....U may b a socialite,with a long string of pearls; u still gotta serve somebody,it may b the devil,it may b the lord,u gotta serve somebody! ...U may own guns,u may own tanks..u might b somebody's landlord,u may even own banks...but you still gotta serve somebody"

The tweets are from a Bob Dylan song called "Gotta Serve Somebody." I'm told by someone on the Colts that the Indianapolis owner's tweets, by far the most interesting of any sports personality on Twitter, all have a specific purpose. In other words, Irsay knows exactly what he's doing and many of the tweets are a message intended for a specific target. Irsay's not just some crazy old dude. He knows exactly what he's doing with Twitter.

Now if I could only figure out what that mission is.

BILL BELICHICK: On the ass whupping administered to Miami: "We’ve certainly got a long way to go.  That was certainly no Rembrandt performance but fortunatley it was good enough.” Bwaahaa! Good enough? C'mon Bill. Not even you can believe that line of bull.

But there is one important thing to take from that game. Notice the number of Miami players that cramped up in the game. There were at least a few. Notice how many Patriots did: none that I can remember. The Dolphins practice in that heat and the Patriots don't but the Patriots were clearly better conditioned. Why? That's just how the Patriots roll. The players are among the most professional in all of sports. Think of it this way. Even Albert Haynesworth put down the turkey leg and mashed potatoes to play hard.

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Belichick fleeces Raiders

Richard Seymour was once a dominant player. No longer.

Bill Belichick knew Seymour was clearly in decline. Seymour hadn't made the Pro Bowl in three years and he was becoming increasingly injury prone. He's 29 which in the NFL is like 39.

So Belichick dumped him.

That in itself was smart. But Belichick dumped Seymour and got a first round pick in return.

Why the Raiders agreed to this trade is absolutely confounding. Then again, why the Raiders do anything these days is absolutely confounding.

It's likely the Patriots would've traded Seymour for much less.

This trade might go down as one of the more lopsided in recent league history particularly since the pick could end up a top five selection for New England.

Where, oh where, have the once brilliant Raiders gone?

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