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Source: Dolphins hire Joe Philbin

The Miami Dolphins have completed their coaching search and hired Joe Philbin, according to a team source.

Philbin was the Packers' offensive coordinator and by many accounts he is one of the league's bright young talents. Now, it's easy to be a bright young talent when you have Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback but Philbin is still extremely innovative.

The Dolphins need an offensive mind and it also doesn't hurt the Dolphins that Philbin is tied to Matt Flynn, the quarterback in Green Bay.

A source close to Flynn told me that Flynn would "love to the challenge of being a starter" but emphasized he's loyal to the Packers. But if you had to wager don't put a lot of cash on Flynn staying in Green Bay.

It's been an emotional ride for Philbin and his family. Philbin lost his son in a tragic accident and now, just a short time later, he's set to become coach of the Dolphins.
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Posted on: January 16, 2012 9:05 am
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The Daily Shoutout: Ugly fans

OPENING HIT: One of the reasons why I've always liked fans of the Green Bay Packers is that I've always felt they're the best combination of smart, passion and non-jackass. Let me explain. Packers fans have the passion of the most rabid fan bases without the nastiness. Few fans are more informed about their team. It's a way of life for Packers fans. These aren't Gator fans or Ohio State fans who are insecure and nasty. These a true football fans who know how to have a passionate debate without getting ugly. It's the best component of their fandom.

On Sunday night, after a brutal loss, a handful of Packers fans -- malicious idiots -- engaged in some of the nastier acts by fans, any fans, I've ever seen. All on Twitter. This isn't an indictment of the entire Packers fan base. This is an indictment of a few knuckleheads and the age we live in. We live in a period where there are plenty of anonymous gangsters who have turned message boards into sewers and a nice medium like Twitter into, at times, garbage.

Some of these idiots went after Packers players on Twitter after the loss -- and the families of Packers players. They completely crossed a line. Jermichael Finley was attacked by fans for dropping a pass but some of the fans didn't stop there. They attacked his wife, Courtney, on Twitter. Leading to her posting this: "If ure bored tonight & want to see how disgusting people treat other people.. Feel free to go thru my mentions 2 see how heartless ppl r."

I won't repeat some of the stuff posted but it was truly nasty.

One fan actually went as far as to blame Joe Philbin for the loss. Philbin of course tragically lost his son.

Again, these animals don't represent the Packers faithful. But this was still bad. It was a sad moment, actually.

I've always believed the NFL should act against Twitter goons. Find out who they are and if they have season tickets, yank them. If they don't, ban them from buying anything NFL related. Use the best available technology to pursue and ban these jackasses.

This is how great the Packer fan base is: Packers fans began to blast the idiots who were posting the ugly things. It warmed my heart and gave me hope that the Internet hasn't turned completely into a cesspool.
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An NFL first: four Super Bowl MVP QBs in playoffs

If we already didn't know this was the year of the quarterback -- or the past decade of the quarterback -- this incredible fact seals it.

For the first time in league history the playoffs will feature four Super Bowl quarterbacking MVPs: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers. This according to NFL PR guru, Dan Masonson.

That is a great deal of quarterbacking firepower and they're all in one playoff.

I'm thinking this record won't last long just like other offensive records that were obliterated this season. The NFL has geared the sport towards the quarterbacks and because of that it could be some time before a running back or defensive player, for example, earns MVP honors. Would it be a stunner if Ben Roethlisberger got to a Super Bowl this year, won the MVP, and then all five of these players make the postseason next year? No. See what I mean.

Quarterbacks have always ruled the sport but their dominance now is unprecedented and this latest interesting statistic only proves that.

Hell, who knows, with the way quarterbacks are dominating, maybe Andy Dalton will join the MVP Four next year.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 9:26 am

The Daily Shoutout: The end of Favre?

OPENING HIT: First, when Brett Favre says he wasn't interested in the Bears job, he wasn't quite telling the entire story. He was definitely interested, I'm told, but when the Bears made it known the interest wasn't eventually reciprocated, then Favre made his public statement about not wanting to play.

What's been lost in this latest Favre episode is I think we have finally reached a Favre finality. At least, that seems to be the sentiment around the NFL. Teams are finally done with Favre. They no longer think his talent matches the accompanying headaches.

"I think we've finally seen the last of Favre," said one general manager.

We've heard this before. We've heard it over and over and over but contrary to popular belief Favre is not a vampire that never ages. He's 42-years-old. In the NFL, even at the quarterback position, 42 is like 52.

I can also tell you with certainty that the Bears were seriously considering Favre. They liked the possible symmetry of a former Packer great helping the Bears but in the end his age scared them away. The Bears can publicly deny this all they want but that's the truth.

So yes, it's likely, finally -- finally -- we've seen the end of Favre in the NFL. He won't be back.


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Posted on: December 4, 2011 7:46 pm

Packers beat Giants, 38-35

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- How do you stop them?

When Aaron Rodgers is this accurate. When the Packers are this good. When the Packers are this opportunistic. When the Packers are this lucky.

How do you stop them?

Packers 38 Giants 35. Losses: zero and counting.

The New York Giants have been, well, giant killers but this monster proved too much. Even when the Packers are flawed, they win. Even when Rodgers is on his ass and throwing picks and his receivers are dropping passes like the football is covered in buttermilk. They win.

Rodgers has 37 touchdown passes this season two short of single-season team record held by Brett Favre (39) in 1996.

How do you stop them when they win every which way there is to win?

You don't.

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Stop the stupidity: LSU could not beat NFL team

Several minutes after LSU atomized Georgia, LeBron James, who has said a few dumb things in his life, may have stated the dumbest thing he has ever contemplated. He tweeted this:

"Man I think LSU could compete with a pro team! They D that good."

That was his tweet. That was really his tweet.

Goodness, gracious that's dumb.

But James wasn't the only moron caught in the immediacy of LSU's dominating win. ESPN analyst Craig James said Aaron Rodgers, one of the most accurate and deadly quarterbacks in recent NFL history, maybe ever, wouldn't want to go against LSU's defensive backs.

There's a video of LSU fans at the SEC championship game chanting, "We want Green Bay!"

Okay, everyone, let's get this straight.

No college team, none, not a one, can compete with even the worst NFL team. Aaron Rodgers is picking apart defensive backs that are the best of the best in the pros. He would obliterate LSU defensive backs.

And what James said was sheer lunacy. The Packers offense would shred LSU's defense. The Cleveland Browns would shred LSU's defense. The Jacksonville Jaguars would shred LSU's defense.

The winless Colts would beat LSU, 50-0.

Unreal. Just unreal some of the dumb things said by people who know nothing of the NFL. I expect LeBron to be knuckleheaded about this but Craig James? He knows the sport. He should know better.

LSU is great. LSU might even be legendary.

But they aren't pros yet. They are the minor league system for the pros. But they aren't pros. There is a huge difference.

So, stick to hoops, LeBron.

And Craig...you might want to watch more tape of NFL teams.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011 6:43 am

The Daily Shoutout: Bears help Packers

OPENING HIT: The Bears are in deep trouble. And please, don’t give me Caleb Hanie. If Hanie finishes the regular season .500 it would be one of the great miracles of the year.

Just as Jay Cutler was beginning to show great maturity and decision-making this happens. The interceptions were down. The offense was flowing. That squishy Cutler face, the one he makes after a bad throw, was all but non-existent. Then comes a broken hand. It’s unbelievable.

But this is the most interesting part of this mess. The greatest benefactors to Cutler’s injury are the Green Bay Packers.

I think there are only three teams remaining that can beat the Packers in the regular season: Detroit, the Giants and Chicago. Now, remove the Bears from the equation. Hanie’s not beating the Packers. That leaves the Giants and the Lions with the Giants having the greatest chance.

Cutler being down ostensibly removes a major roadblock to Green Bay’s historical charge. It takes an amazing amount of dedication, skill and luck to go undefeated in the NFL. The Packers just got a large chunk of their luck quota.

 Who would have ever believed the Bears would help the Packers possibly go 16-0.


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Posted on: October 4, 2011 3:55 pm

Brett Favre won't go away

He just won't. He will not leave. He can't shut up. He can't sit back and let the Packers be. He has to chime in. Because Favre needs the exposure, he needs to be heard, he needs people to know he's just fine. When it's probably killing him how his career ended and Aaron Rodgers is dominating the position.

No, Favre, speaking about the Packers, has to say this, when asked about Rodgers winning a title: "...the biggest surprise to me was that he didn't do it sooner." Sure, Brett. That's it. That's it, of course.

Can't leave it alone. Can't just wear his Wranglers. Can't go fishin' or do his textin'. Has to chime in knowing it's probably going to irk Rodgers.


He won't go away. He can't go away. But I wish he would.
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