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Posted on: May 11, 2011 7:55 am
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The Morning Shoutout

PIPE DOWN FELLAS: Reggie Bush tweeted and in this media universe where a news cycle sparks and flashes instantly his Tweet became big news. "Everybody complaining about the lockout!" he wrote. "Shoot I'm making the most of it! Vacation, rest, relaxing, appearances here and there! I'm good!"

Reggie is good folks! Thank God. The NFL employees who have lost their jobs and the ones who will in the future? The undrafted free agents who can't sign with teams? They're not so good. But Reggie is good! So there's that.

"Right now we would be slaving in 100 degree heat, practicing twice a day, while putting our bodies at risk for nothing." Slaving while earning tens of millions of dollars. That's a Morning Shoutout for another day.

DeAngelo Hall, the corner from Washington, talked about enjoying the time away from football as well. It was Bush Part Two.

Now, sure, did the media make too big a deal out of this? We often do on many subjects. If Bush wants to hang out on the beach in a thong and read a book or watch television or stand in line for "Hangover II" what should we care?

There are still two problems. First, fans want their players to feel the same frustrations that they do. There was first angst among the fans over the lockout, then irritation and we're now transitioning into flat out anger. No fan wants to read about Bush saying I'm good, bra'!

Perhaps the most important point is that the trade association, in its fight with owners, is arguing the lockout's irreparable harm. It doesn't sound like Bush is being harmed very much unless you count his room service arriving 20 minutes late. In many ways Bush and Hall are undermining their own cause. It would not be stunning if the owners in a legal brief before the 8th circuit used the words of the two players against them.

What I can tell you is that several team trade association officials weren't exactly happy with Bush's comments. They understand the potential ramifications better than Bush did when he Tweeted.

There has been speculation in the wake of Rashard Mendenhall's ridiculous comments about the September 11 attacks that teams should ban athletes from Twitter. That is such a spectacularly awful idea. Can't players just be smarter about what they Tweet?

I'm good with that!


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Posted on: May 9, 2011 8:12 am

Big week coming for lockout?

TV FUND: This week is among the biggest in this clusterfied of a situation of a lockout. I know. Clusterfied isn't a word. But it fits. And this is the week things could get truly interesting and less clusterfied. First, do you remember the TV lockout fund case? In what seems like an eternity ago (freakin' March) Judge David Doty slammed the owners saying their attempt to hoard television revenue and use it as a source of cash during the lockout wasn't allowed. Several NFL sources reminded me that this week a ruling could come from Doty on financial penalties for the owners resulting from that case. If Doty does take significant action against the owners it would impact the future of the lockout.

Second, the 8th circuit, not to be confused with this circuit , might this week rule on the temporary stay in place now that's led to the death of football related activity. If the 8th rules the stay should stay then there'd be no football until July.

No, this isn't the biggest week in lockout history but it's pretty damn big . It could determine the course of this labor dispute, mainly, it's length. The week could determine if we have football back in the shorter term or if we're still months away. Yes, clusterfied is indeed the perfect word.

LETTER: I was told by an agent that one team sent a letter to its rookies that basically said this. We own your rights for one year. Sit tight. Don't go anywhere.

WADA: I find it difficult to believe that once the union materializes again they'd agree to this .

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 8:03 am
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The Morning Shoutout

DONALD TRUMP: He's a fixture at many NFL games including regular appearances at home contests for the New England Patriots. But Trump's invitations to sit alongside owners during games might change. League officials privately tell me many in the sport plan to disassociate themselves from Trump due to his recent spate of birther comments about President Obama. Trump also challenged how Obama got into Harvard.

"We don't need a guy like that being associated with our sport," said one high ranking team official.

Some of this reaction is due to the NFL seeing what happened with Trump and the Indianapolis 500. A Facebook group dedicated to preventing Trump from driving the pace car put pressure on race organizers and only recently Trump announced he was too busy to attend the event. In actuality, Trump was dumped . We'll see if NFL teams stick to this principle once the season begins.

DON SHULA: Great story on him being Dolphins coach during the 1987 strike . Shula was also coach of the Dolphins during labor issues in the early 1970s.

And I can tell you Shula was never a huge Bill Parcells fan.


See you Monday.

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 7:29 am
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The Morning Shoutout

If the NFL is a drug, this is your needle.

ARROGANT JUDGE EDITION: There will be no bigger moment of arrogance in this ugly lockout than this .

The court "may rule and the court may not" on the most recent stay, says the 8th circuit clerk. Well, we wouldn't want these judges to strain themselves. Take it easy fellas. Don't push it. It's just people's livelihoods on the line, that's all. Can I get you anything, judges, while you take your sweet ass time? Coffee? Beer?

The 8th circuit...where justice may or may not happen.

We'll all be over here waiting for you putzes to do your jobs. The clerk might as well have said the judges do what they want, when they want.

You know what's happening here? The clerk and the judges seem to be enjoying the media spotlight a little too much. They want to savor the moment knowing the entire sports world and the future of a multi-billion industry depends on what they do. Even he thinks the judges are full of themselves.

All of this basically means we don't know when -- or if -- this initial stay will end. It could be this hour, this day, this week or this month. Or never. The next hearing isn't until June. The lockout could last until at least then and beyond.

In the meantime, arrogant judges, the NFL and its fans will be hanging out, chillin', watching the Miami Heat sweep the Celtics.

Take your time fellas.

See you Friday.

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Posted on: May 4, 2011 8:17 am

The Morning Shoutout

Rashard Mendenhall: There's been some speculation the Pittsburgh Steelers would consider getting rid of Mendenhall because of his ridiculous Tweets about Osama Bin Laden. Or, at least, attempt to punish him once the lockout ended (if it ever ends). A league source told me chances of the Steelers parting ways with Mendenhall over this issue are slim to none. It's possible Mendenhall is fined but I don't think that will happen, either. Nor should it.

But to say people inside the Pittsburgh organization aren't happy is an understatement. It goes beyond the denouncing statement of Art Rooney. I'm told many inside the organization, including players, are extremely offended. (And, yes, they were offended at the behavior of Ben Roethlisberger as well.) So while Mendenhall may not be punished he will have some explaining to do with members of the Steelers family. Not to mention Steelers fans.

By the way, I'm told that despite lockout rules preventing contact with players, the Steelers have somehow communicated their displeasure to Mendenhall. I'm not sure how they did this but they have.

TWITTER: It's a potentially dangerous medium for athletes. The reason why is some just don't understand it's power. Here is yet another example and there are many. Athletes, and many famous people, continue to think when they Tweet, it goes out to a few friends. Or no one cares. Or no one will see it. The opposite is true. Everyone sees it . Everyone monitors the Twitter of people like Mendenhall. Fans see Twitter as an entranceway into the lives of their favorite athletes and the media monitors Twitter. I know the NFL has -- repeatedly -- told this to players but the message isn't getting through.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER: Michael Oher, the talented offensive lineman from Baltimore, took a baseball bat to ESPN analyst Todd McShay via Twitter. Now, that's not the most interesting part of what Oher did. The most interesting part is that's not the first time I've heard players complain about draft analysts and the dreaded "character concerns" statement. The only thing NFL players hate more than training camp are draft analysts. Yes, I'd use the word despise. It's amazing how angry and bitter some players remain over what analysts said about them years after they were drafted. They take it extremely personal and never let it go.

DUI: If this had happened in the NFL there'd be great outrage. It happens in baseball and crickets chirp.

See you Thursday.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 8:09 am
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The Morning Shoutout


UFL: The league had it's draft on Monday night. Not a big deal. Except the interesting aspect is that the UFL drafted several players the NFL would have signed as undrafted free agents had the league not been in lockdown mode . NFL teams can't sign undrafted players but obviously the UFL can. Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich would have surely been picked up by an NFL team. Instead he was drafted by the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks in the 10th round. Good for him though it's likely Herzlich would bolt to NFL first opportunity he gets (if he goes to UFL at all--he may consider it beneath him). The overall first pick in the UFL draft? Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson. Another player who would've been signed by an NFL team as an undrafted free agent.

DAVE DUERSON: I'll be writing on him later Tuesday. The most recent news with Duerson is a big deal. A very big deal.

NEW ORLEANS Saints: They're beginning player organized workouts on Tuesday. That's not good news for other teams. Indeed, it seems only a handful of teams have been able to consistently organize workouts on their own. Give a veteran team like the Saints this kind of advantage and they'll be ahead of others when the games resume.

One more item until your morning coffee...

MISSED THIS STORY: But it could completely change how millions of people watch football.

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Posted on: April 26, 2011 7:44 am

Morning Shoutout

CHAOS: There will be NFL players reporting to team facilities on Tuesday morning and what happens no one will know for sure. Two agents told CBSSports.com early Tuesday morning they instructed their players to report as a way of insuring collection of off-season bonus checks. Several other agents said they'd wait 24-48 hours before sending players to report (if they do at all). What the players who do report find will be interesting. A league source confirmed that players are to be allowed into facilities but front office officials and coaches have been instructed not to contact players so facilities might look like an empty movie set.

It's a sign that the owners were caught totally off-guard by the ruling of Judge Susan Nelson. They thought Nelson would rule for them. They still believe the higher court on appeal will rule for them as well. We'll see.

SCARE TACTICS : I'll be writing more on this later today. Unbelievable.

MEANWHILE: While you were sleeping the owners notified Nelson they would appeal her ruling. That's different from the stay request which will be ruled on soon. The overall appeal will be ruled on sometime in late May or June.

MEANWHILE PART TWO: Look at the recent legal cases--the league was beaten in the key American Needle case, they were destroyed in the television lockout fund case, and Nelson hammered the league on Tuesday. The NFL might want to go here .

A new NFL era begins today. Unless it doesn't . See you Wednesday.

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 7:50 am

Morning Shoutout

MORE ON Brandon Marshall . I wrote this over the weekend and it included an interview with Rasheeda Watley who is the ex-girlfriend of Marshall. Lost in much of the coverage of the Marshall situation remains the fact Watley says she filed a civil suit against Marshall over his alleged violence against her (charges were dropped after one arrest and he was acquitted after another). Just days before Marshall's weekend altercation with his wife, Marshall learned his motion to get Watley's lawsuit dismissed had failed and he was scheduled to give a deposition in the office of Watley's attorney this month, according to Watley.

Watley has a theory about Marshall's latest situation. It can't be proved but it does make sense on many levels. "I can tell you when I had issues with him or we had bad arguments they came after something went wrong in his life," Watley told CBSSports.com. "If he had an injury or a bad game or some stress, he didn't handle it well. In my experience he doesn't handle pressure or negative situations well."

THE DRAFT: I disagree with my friend Mike Florio on his stance on the NFLPA and the draft . I think a great deal of this eliminate the draft talk is a negotiating ploy.

KEITH MCCANTS:  At some point this just gets sad .

See you on Tuesday.

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