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Posted on: January 27, 2009 10:46 am

Media Day Blogasm: Afro Samauri

Most awkward moment of the morning so far. An older, really odd radio guy (I know that really narrows it down) gets several inches from the face of Mike Gandy from the Cardinals. He begins saying some weird ass bull---- to Gandy and Gandy has this look on his face that says: get me out of here.

The weird guy then calls Gandy "Afro Samurai." And Gandy has no clue what that means. He laughs awkwardly. If I'm not mistaken, Afro Samurai was a Japanese cartoon being re-made into some sort of movie.

Marshall Faulk looks like Flip Wilson.

Ben Graham, the Arizona punter, has his own booth which is unreal. He's the first Austrailian to play in a Super Bowl but who cares. He talked about how one day rugby players would invade the NFL in larger numbers. And I'm Jack Bauer.

Guy in the red dress was told to move aside by security because he was blocking a stairwell. As he moved, one of his fake breasts almost fell out of his red dress.

Someone, please help me.

And Doyel is still trying to ask him out.

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 10:20 am

Media Day Blogasm: Card Glaring at Girl's Butt


A group of Cardinals players continually point to a woman wearing tight jeans. Focus fellas. Or, at least, be less obvious. Jeez.

There are two movie stars working media day for VH1. One of them looks like the guy who played the high school quarterback from the movie "Jerry Maguire."

Kurt Warner just said: "I love Jesus." No editorial comment on that.

So far, the only excitement from media day is the guy in the red dress.

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 10:00 am

Media Day Blogasm: Guy in Dress


Before I head in...there's a man 10 feet from me, putting on a red dress, with fake breasts.

I'm serious.

He's got lipstick on, too.

And heels.

Now he's putting on the wig. A white wig. The dress is tight.

I'm not making this up. You'll hear about this guy later I'm sure.

Doyel's asking him out.

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 9:56 am

Media Day Blogasm: Madness Begins


There's a guy, a reporter, actually freaking stretching his calves before this begins. He thinks he's a player. This is going to be a long morning.

Oh, wait, we're going in! The lines are forming to the field. The way reporters ran to the entrances you'd think they were giving away free food. Or lap dances.

By the way, Doyel got a haircut. His head looks like a peach with razor burns.

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