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Posted on: February 4, 2012 6:32 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2012 10:25 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

I'm not going to be one of those whining, smirking people who complains about the Hall of Fame voting process. I know some of those men in the room. Many are skilled, brilliant and extremely smart about the game. A handful are arrogant jerks with hardcore agendas but the vast majority know what they are doing.

So I'm not going to complain as much as simply be stunned over the omission of Bill Parcells. I'm not a Parcells fan. He treated many people in my business terribly and wasn't exactly a great human being. But to me, in history, there are few better coaches.

The two greatest motivators in NFL history, the coaches who got players to do things and go places in their careers they thought they never could, were Don Shula and Parcells. The best pure motivators ever. Period. That is a coach's primary job. Nothing happens before that -- not the Xs and Os, nothing -- before getting a player mentally ready. Shula was the best at that (what he did in Miami with the then expansion Dolphins is borderline miraculous) and Parcells was second.

He turned around the Giants, the Patriots and Jets when those latter two organizations were absolutely awful.

My guess as to what hurt Parcells. First -- and no one will admit this but it's true -- the way he treated some writers played a factor. Writers have long memories and we can be just as petty anyone else. There likely were a few writers in the room who were either treated poorly by Parcells -- or know people who were -- and this was a form of payback.

I've also heard some writers over the years (including some in that room) say that Bill Belichick made Parcells and Parcells never made it back to a Super Bowl without Belichick.

But most importantly it is accurate that when Parcells left organizations he left them atomized. His departures were sometimes very ugly and it likely also did not help Parcells that he left the Dolphins in semi-ruins.

But overall his record -- he took the Giants, Jets, Patriots and Cowboys to the playoffs while winning two of three Super Bowl appearances -- was more than enough to overcome his faults.

No, not a complaint here. Just sort of stunned.
Posted on: January 31, 2009 3:23 pm
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Andre Reed Should be in the Hall

The Hall of Fame voters, as they often do, did a superb job with the Hall of Fame voting. Most of the time the voters make the right call.

But they're making a mistake with former Buffalo wide receiver Andre Reed.

He deserves to get in on talent alone. He's fifth all-time with 951 career receptions and ninth in total receiving yardage with 13,198. So in catches and yardage he's top 10. He was, at times, devastating to defenses.

I covered a large portion of his career and there were few wide receivers of his generation that scared defenses like Reed did.

The problem I have with Reed being kept out is that all of the other great Bills are going in. Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, Thurman Thomas and Ralph Wilson are now all Hall of Famers.

I'm not sure how you can put all of those outstanding Bills in and keep out Reed.

Reed was as big a part of that Buffalo dynasty as any of those players.

I believe this was his fourth attempt to get in. I get the feeling he might end up being the only Bill not to make it.

And that's just wrong.

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