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The Daily Shoutout: Wishy-washy Chip Kelly

OPENING HIT: To say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a little upset with Chip Kelly is an understatement. They are, well, furious.

A team source confirmed a Register-Guard report from Eugene that Kelly had agreed, then backed out of an agreement to coach the Bucs. It concludes yet another strange chapter in the history of Tampa coaching searches.

The Bucs are angry. One team source called Kelly "wishy-washy" and used a few other choice words. This is from the Bucs team perspective, and I suspect Kelly will give his side very shortly (and that side of the story will be portrayed very differently). But in the end none of this reflects well on Kelly. He looks soft, at least from the NFL side of things.

There is some history behind the Bucs being irritated. Bill Parcells had agreed to become the coach in 1992 and then famously backed out at the last second. That led to one of the funniest (saddest?) quotes in recent NFL history when owner Hugh Culverhouse said: "I feel like I've been jilted at the altar."

Now they've been jilted again.

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LeGarrette Blount: an entire season?

This is one thing we can all agree on: Don King needs to sign LeGarrette Blount.

His boxing name can be LeGarrette "Ducker Punch" Blount.

Where many of us will disagree is the length of the suspension.

A year? A full season? Really?

Not four games or six games but a year?

What Blount did was awful and maybe he's lucky not to be facing assault charges but this continues an argument I've been making recently which is sports leagues and teams are acting with complete impunity when it comes to discipline issues. They're doing what they want with little resistance.

The NFL suspends at will, the NBA does the same, and now college football has joined along.

We've entered a period in sports history where the athletes have almost no rights and there's a mob mentality about disciplining players.

It's the Wild West in sports now when it comes to punishment.

This is no excuse for Ducker Punch Blount. Let's be clear on that aspect.

He's probably going to pay for this mistake much, if not all, of his life.

Blount just became the 21st century Kermit Washington or Marty McSorely. Washington's life was never the same after he sucker punched Rudy Tomjanovich.

In many ways that's going to be punishment enough for Blount.

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