Posted on: February 14, 2009 10:59 pm

Slam Dunk Live Blog-asm: Last Round

The final two contestants: Howard versus the Little Person, Nate Robinson.

Robinson is first and does a monster reverse jam. That was strong.

Howard just dunked. OK, that was good. Off the side of the basket and in.

That was actually great.

Then Robinson rebounds with a great dunk by jumping over Howard and dunking.

These two just saved the dunk contest.

Robinson is wearing green for kryptonite. He's done a good job representing Little People all across the world.

Now, it's Howard's turn.

He instructs the dancers -- sit down! -- to move. They part. Howard moves not so far from me. He's at one end of the court and runs then leaps near the free throw line. His foot is just inside it.

Decent but not great.

I think Robinson deserved to win this.

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Posted on: February 14, 2009 10:28 pm

Slam Dunk Live Blog-asm: Finally

It's here.

They just introduced the participants. Dwight Howard, because he's funny, danced during his entire introduction.

There's no way the guy from the Knicks can win. He's 4-11. Plus, he's wearing ugly orange shoes.

The judges are seated at a table looking like they're about to take a math exam.

I think one of the props the players should use is Doyel's bald head.

Haven't seen Charles Barkley yet. Hopefully someone gave him a ride here.

Can we get this thing going please? Please.

Cheryl Miller is interviewing Howard. I have to admit. I have a crush on her. Saw her working out in a hotel gym once and she was benching 250. She'd kick my ass, I think.

J.R. Smith is first. Bounce then hard dunk. Not a bad way to get started. Pretty good.

Rudy Fernandez is next. Oh my God. That was good. Behind the back, off the glass, then dunk.

But he only got a 42. He got robbed! It's because he's white! Racists!

Nate Robinson, 3 foot 9, is up. Good dunk. Windmill. I think he's a crowd favorite because he's a little person.

What? A 46 for that?

Howard's next. No Superman cape. Two warm up tries went bad and then his first dunk attempt didn't work. Behind the goal, catch and then windmill. He got a 50.

Now, that's garbage. No way he deserved a perfect score.

Someone please tell the dancers in front of me to sit down.

On second thought: never mind.

CBSSports.com got nice front court seats. We're special.

The first round ends with Howard in front even if he doesn't deserve to be.

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