Posted on: February 8, 2008 11:56 am

Taking shots at Pedro? Put down that McNugget

The large number of phonies and hypocrites in the sports world is infuriating if not amusing.

If you have ever eaten meat but are one of the phonies up in arms about Pedro Martinez attending a cockfight -- such an awkward word, by the way -- then you are a big, fat phony.

I think fighting animals is dumb. Fighting chickens or dogs is something people with small brains do.

Fighting chickens, specifically, might be the single most asinine thing I have ever seen. What thrill do you get from watching a two-piece brawl? What's next? Snail fighting?

While cockfighting is utterly idiotic, we are also hypocrites about it.

If you have ever been to Kentucky Fried Chicken but are now looking down your nose at Martinez, you're a phony.

If you're criticizing Martinez while snacking on a chicken sandwich, you're a phony.

What's worse: fighting a chicken or cutting of its head and eating it?

Hmmm ...

I'd rather be sent into a ring like Snake Pliskin in Escape from New York than be served with mashed potatoes.

Just sayin'.

So while cockfighting is stupid, brutal and insane, unless you're a vegetarian, you really should have very little to say about it.

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