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The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

Posted on: January 6, 2012 9:10 am
I've read and heard it everywhere. Penn State players are angry at not being consulted over the hiring of Bill O'Brien. Penn State former players are mad they weren't consulted. Some say they are done with Penn State. Read this and tell me it doesn't cause you to shake your head.

Do these spoiled brat whiners get what the hell has happened to Penn State? How few coaches of quality wanted a tarnished job? How there needed to be a break from the past? How O'Brien brings NFL credibility to a program that currently has none?

Todd Blackledge said O'Brien doesn't do it for him. Those were his words. Didn't do it for him. Blackledge is another delusional alum who doesn't understand how low the program has sunk.

O'Brien is a solid coach and many of the people in the NFL who know O'Brien speak highly of him.

Yes, Penn State is lucky to get him. Damn lucky.

The reaction from former players shows why Penn State got into so much trouble in the first place. The whiny, insular nature of these criticisms shows a total lack of perspective about just how bad it is there. Again, these complainers don't understand how that program is still highly radioactive.

There needs to be a total housecleaning and I'm told by a person close to O'Brien might do just that.

Good for him.

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The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

Sydbarron you don't get it just like the players don't get it. All of your facts mean nothing. This doesn't compare to Kobe and Tiger combined. A pedophile ran wild on the PSU campus for years and more than likely raped kids in football facilities. Read that sentence again. Your attempt to minimize the situation is disgusting. This is more than a "black mark" and people will not forget this ever. This scandal will be attached to PSU until the end of time.

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Posted on: January 7, 2012 2:43 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

No doubt the scandal was horrific. But this “highly radioactive” program, which needs “a break from the past”, because of “how low the program has sunk” ignores the most obvious fact.  The most obvious fact is that the actions of a few people in regard to the scandal are only one black mark (albeit a very big black mark) in respect to the whole report card.  This writer is oblivious to some very salient characteristics of the Penn State football program report card:


1.     &nb
sp; Penn state athletes are/were true student-athletes in comparison to the dozens of other big time football factories whish have no concern for the educational side of the college athlete's life.  This point is validated by the fact that Penn State has consistently had one of the highest graduation rates in college football.


2.     &nb
sp; In comparison with a lot of other college football players, most Penn State football players can actually communicate intelligently and coherently, unlike Mike Freeman the writer of the article.  Their ability to communicate is evidenced by the high number of ex-Penn State football players who have had noteworthy careers in sports casting:   Jack Ham, Todd Blackledge, Matt Millen, Jimmy Cefalo, Dave Rowe, LaVar Arrington, Kenny Jackson to name a few of the many.


3.     &nb
sp; Despite holding their athletes to very high educational standards, the football program has had one of the highest winning percentages over the last 60 years- including the second highest winning bowl game percentage.


4.     &nb
sp; There are literally 100's of ex-PSU football players who praise Joe Paterno and the school for the positive moral affect he/the school has had on their lives.


5.     &nb
sp; The author by stating it was necessary to go out of the family and clean house is making everyone associated with the program guilty for the crimes of Sandusky and the few who covered up the scandal. That includes the football players and everyone else who ever graduated Penn State.  Guilt by association.  How absurd.  I guess I am guilty too. I am outraged by this writer’s attempt to tarnish my reputation.


6.     &nb
sp; Penn State was never sanctioned once by the NCAA.  How many programs can say that?  A handful, perhaps.


As for me, I am not willing to make a final judgment on Joe Paterno’s role in the cover-up until I least have heard his side of the story. Even if I ultimately judge him guilty for his role in the cover-up, my final judgment of his life’s work would include the 1000’s of people he has positively influenced as a result of his being head coach at Penn State and the value he bestowed on the university in so many other ways.


The empty-headed Mike Freeman speaks of NFL - credibility??????   No sport except for perhaps NBA basketball is populated by more egocentric spoiled brats.  Just last week Santonio Holmes (CAPTIAN OF THE JETS) got into an argument in the huddle with his teammates because he quit on the team in the middle of the game.  He was removed from the game.  The team played on while CAPTAIN SPOILED BRAT MILLIONAIRE SANTONIO pouted on the bench. A couple of weeks ago on Monday night

football DeSean Jackson was publically castigated by the announcers for not giving a 100% because the Eagles failed to renegotiate his contract.  They

pointed out that it was the second week in a row this spoiled brat NFL millionaire quit on his team.


We of Penn State should be so thankful for the “NFL CREDIBILITY” bestowed on us by the naming of our new ex-NFL coach.  Yea, for all us Penn Staters. We will all sleep better tonight!!!!!!.



This moron writer apparently is not aware that few NFL coaches have made a successful transition from being an assistant NFL coach to a head college coach.  A prime example was Charley Weis (Notre Dame).  And Mr. Oblivious obviously apparently isn't aware of the well -publicized recent failures of other recent ex-Patriot offense coordinators to the other head coaching jobs, i.e. Josh McDaniels (Broncos) and Charley Weis (Notre Dame).  We're luckily to have him as a coach????? Possibly. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the history of such transitions – the odds - say it is not likely.  I will admit that it is more likely that Mr. O’Brien will be successful at Penn State that the writer of the article - Mike Freeman – will be bestowed with a functioning brain sometime before he meets his maker.


Mr. Empty Head Mike Freeman also apparently isn't aware of other recent scandals by pro athletes who have been forgiven for their misdeeds: Michael Vick - Dog  executioner; Tiger Woods - sexual philander (dozens of episodes) doing porn stars while his wife was home mothering his babies; alleged rapist – Roethlisberger in a locked bar room bathroom engaging in sexual activities with a young coed in celebration of his birthday; Kobe Bryant another alleged rapist who paid his accuser to go away and then bribed/coerced his wife to sit next to him on nationwide TV while he publically admitting to cheating on his wife and to porking the accuser but not criminally raping her.  Meanwhile the wife sitting next to Kobe was brandishing her gazillion karak diamond ring that Kobe had just purchased for her to make amends (a bribe).  All of the misdeeds of these disgraced athlete heroes were forgotten within mere months or a few years of their scandals.  I guarantee to Mr. Cretin Mike Freeman that the none of the players and none of the coaches (even rehired coaches) of next year's Penn State football team will have had any involvement with Sandusky’s child abuse or the cover-up. All the aforementioned pro athletes were directly involved with the aforementioned disgraceful behavior. Except for morons like Mike Freeman, no one will associate next year’s Penn State football team with the ex-coach’s horrific pedophilia or the cover-up.


Once Sandusky is in jail, the incessant publication of this tragedy will die down. Americans, fortunately or unfortunately, have short memories when it comes to sports heroes. 

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Posted on: January 7, 2012 8:52 am

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

 Be happy you got a coach period.  I'm going out on a limb and saying the guy knows what he is doing.  The Pats are one of the top offenses in the NFL, year in and year out.  They do so without elite WRs.  If I was a PSU fan, I would be doing cartwheels right now over this hiring.
I have no evidence to support my theory that part of the reason for the negative reaction of PSU friends, fans, and alums is that they are from Western PA, also home to a professional football team known as the Pittsburgh Steelers. I wonder how much overlap there is between the fans of the Nittany Lions and the Steelers.
I wonder if there is resentment over having a N.E. Patriot coach brought in to head the PSU program. As I said, no evidence, just wondering.

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Posted on: January 7, 2012 8:39 am

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

it's spoiled, bratty whiners.
NOT spoiled brat whiners.

Brat is a noun, bratty an adjective.

If you want to act as if you are a professional writer (which you're most definitely not), at least write like o
Funny, I understood what he wrote to mean that each of those "whiners" is a "spoiled brat." Hence, "spoiled brat whiners". Kind of like "blog reader commenter" is a person who both read blogs and comments on them. Professional writers understand that overuse of adjectives is "radioactive."

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The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

Hey Mike, Your just another P/C trained seal that flaps his fins when the fish truck shows up. What did happen at Penn State? Lets review 2002. Mike McQuery has now given three different verisons as to what he saw that March night. In none of those verisons did he say he WITNESSED anal intercourse. He "felt" what he saw was sexual in nature. Further, in the Grand Jury Testimony he said he didn't use "sexual" language to describe what he saw to Paterno.Were you aware that Sandusky was an X-EMPLOYEE at the time?  A four year X-EMPLOYEE? Did you know that when McQuery went to his Father and friend of his Father that March night  both said, DON'T CALL THE POLICE? If Sandusky did what he's accused I would think hanging would be to good. Yet, for you, and those like you, you know nothing about Penn State, the people that have gone there, go there, or know what the Penn State Family is all about. Your just one of hundreds seals,,,,talk, talk, talk, about something you know nothing about and hope you can out do your P/C buddies. Your more disgusted then the next seal,,,,,,,,,,Will you be MORE NOTICED,,,,,,,,Give Mike a FISH!!  

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 10:45 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

I wonder how many prospective coaches turned Penn St, down before O'Brien said yes? I'll bet O'Brien wasn't top on their list. They had to get a coach outside the Penn St. dysfunctional family, and that they did. Good luck coach, lace em' up tight, you're in for one hell of a ride rebuilding this program.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 9:28 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

OK Mike....this is not the Oprah show so let's spare the emotion and focus on the reality. What do you mean by how low the program has sunk? The program is a top 25 team  that went to a 'crap' bowl because other bowl committees didn't have the balls to put up with the potential negativity surrounded by the Sandusky situation. The program finished tied for first in the Leaders division of the Big Ten. Also...most of the non-seniors are staying and most of the new recruits who gave verbal commitments have kept them. So spare us the doom and gloom...the program is and will be just fine.

Can we have a dose of realisty . There is not an issue with the football program and former players viewpoints on this matter do not have a thing to do with the Sandusky situation. These guys are traditionalists....they felt they should have been included in the process. I don't necessarily agree but it's their opinon. Don't make it bigger than it is.

Yes...Paterno has gone but he may have left 3 games later anyway since it was the end of his contract and he is 85 years old.  So then the search for a new coach would have been in order anyway. Big deal!! Big time programs go through this all the time. So what is the shambles that you are referring? New happens, New you really think that is going to affect fooball recruitment....not!! New AD....same situation as the President (not a big deal). The program and school have so many good things historically...this is just a blip on the screen...a distant memory come the next football season.

As for O'Brian...time will tell. As a PSU alum I can only hope that Obrien can recruit and will be able to help an offense that sorely needed it this year. If so....then he will be successful. If not...his butt will be removed in a few years and the search will continiue and the program will continue. No emotion necessary.
You said the program is radioactive? No...your screwed up viewpoint is what is radioactive. Sort to like lying about one's resume....sound familiar?

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The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

Well said...I couldn't agree with you more

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 9:11 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Penn State whining

That is some proud tradition that you have going at PSU - it seems to me that you are discounting what went on for 20 years.  Pinning this on one individual is ridiculous and I suggest that Paterno, the Headmaster, and the PSU Police knew about it.  Read a paper once in a while.

Nobody is treating the players and some coaches like "terrorists" (give me a break) - but they have responsibilities and they did nothing.  They are so big at PSU that they thought they could sweep this under the rug but guess what that backfired.

All you PSU alum - think hard about what took place, the people involved, and form a real opinion.  This has nothing to do with Alum but more to do with the character of the PSU coach, staff, and all involved that knew about this. Because they did know about it.

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