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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

Posted on: September 21, 2011 8:15 am
Edited on: September 21, 2011 8:37 am

OPENING HIT: The fake injury story won't go away just yet.

Two Giants players clearly faked being hurt to slow down the no huddle offense of the St. Louis Rams on Monday night. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said the team has notified the league office about their concerns.

"That'll go on the list of things we're going to send in," Spagnuolo told the media. "I think the league is looking into it. I'll let it run its course from that point of view."

But here's the interesting thing. A former Giants player, who asked not to be identified, said Giants players faked injuries when Spagnuolo was defensive coordinator for the team from 2007 to 2009.

"It wasn't common but it happened," the ex-player said. "But it happened on every team in the league and still does."

Let's be clear. The player wouldn't say who specifically asked Giants players when he was on the team to do this. And I'm not saying Spagnuolo ordered the players to fake injuries. I don't know and the player refused to say. He was just saying it happened on the Giants when Spagnuolo was an assistant in New York.

It's very possible the players, then and now, faked the injuries on their own without knowledge of the coaching staff. That has happened before, I'm told. Players are also coached to do it.

The player also made it clear that faking injuries happened -- and happens -- on every team in football at some point during the season.

"I can't stress that enough," he said. "It's very common." But usually, he added, players are more subtle about it, and it goes mostly unnoticed by media and fans.

This is an NFL issue, not a Giants issue, he added.

It remains highly likely the league will address all of this in the offseason in detail but don't rule out some sort of short term solution like game officials warning coaches before a game begins.

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford spoke on the issue, saying: "They couldn't get subbed, they couldn't line up. Someone said, 'Someone go down, someone go down,' so someone just went down and grabbed a cramp."

And players are going to keep "grabbing a cramp" until the league finds a way to stop it.

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

Simple fix, the injured sit out untill change of possesion.  Won't eleminate the problem and will have a few players playing hurt but it will make them think a little more about faking.  Defenses are proud of their ability to deliver a hit they should be embarrassed that they cannot take one.

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

Just because it is nothing new does not mean it is o.k. Jay Cutler is taking a beating every game and some Giants defensive lineman needs to get into the fetal position like a little baby because he is tired. Hey, suck it up! If you are gased for air then get in are a professional, play like one. A player taking a dive is an embarassment to all the players who suffer from a real injury. Pathetic. 

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

What??  Every team has cheated at one time or another?  That's great news for me as a Patriots fan.  It's good to know that every team cheats and Pats fans can now rejoice because spygate had us labled as cheaters.  Now nobody can say a word about cheating because your team cheats too.  That goes out to all the haters that bashed us.  Now it's payback time and all Patriots fans should thrash anyone talking about cheating from now on.Cool

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

Who will determine who's faking and who isn't?  Is the NFL going to assign a league physician to oversee all player injuries?  We all know what happened but the league will have to change the rules if they don't like it.  Someone suggested the player should have to sit out 3 plays.  Good suggestion.  Maybe until the current series of downs is completed.  To threaten fines and suspensions is asinine unless a player openly says "I faked it."  It will never happen. 

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The Daily Shoutout: More on fake injuries

If you are going to comment on someone's writing ability, it would be advisable to use proper english English in your responce response. 

Too funny!!!  Btw Mr. Hand, my English is just fine, but it's that damn grammar that gives me fits! I promise, next time I write an essay I'll take my time, wear my glasses, and keep my two kids (4 and 7) in the other room so they don't interrupt while I'm trying to type.

Thanks for the laugh Einstein...

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