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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Posted on: August 20, 2011 3:26 pm
Edited on: August 20, 2011 3:39 pm
Terrelle Pryor's pro day is yet another example of why the NFL is so confounding and why amazingly smart men lose the ability for rational thinking when a big athlete runs fast.

Let me explain. Over a dozen teams attended the workout and as these workouts go Pryor, I'm told, looked solid. He ran the 40-yard dash quite fast. Two scouts who attended had two different times--one clocked Pryor at 4.42 and the other at 4.40. Yes, that's fast, especially considering Pryor is 6-5 and over 230 pounds.

Now, this is the interesting part. I had spoken to two personnel men before the pro day and their belief, after watching hours of film of Pryor, was that he's years away from being an NFL quarterback and both seriously doubted he'd make it in the NFL. Not unusual thoughts at all. There are more than a few general managers and coaches who feel the same. The biggest on-field issues: throwing motion and accuracy. Off the field? Well, by now, that should be obvious.

Then came the pro day and those same personnel men, well, they were saying something different in texts to me.

"His speed is changing my mind," said one.

That was the general consensus. The 40 time changed everything.

It's all about the speed in football and in many cases this is extremely overrated. What the film shows is most important but there are times when workouts take precedent over common sense.

To some in the NFL, speed has always been a drug. They must have it. Gotta have it. Got any? C'mon, give me a hit.

This is the frustrating part of football and, frankly, why general managers and coaches get fired. They watched all that film. Made all of those trips to watch Pryor. Spent dozens of hours evaluating everything about Pryor. They come to a reasonable conclusion that he will struggle in the NFL. Then he runs a fast 40 and their opinions start to change.

Speed kills. Yes, got it. Roger that. But so does bad quarterbacking. I'm not saying Pryor will be a bad quarterback but these men, and many others, did. Until he ran his 40. Then they started changing and I guarantee you that changing of opinion was happening with many of the personnel people in attendance. My guess now is that Pryor will go higher in the supplemental draft based solely on that 40 time.

Pryor running fast shouldn't change the film work or the off the field character concerns (which in my opinion are extremely minor). But it will and some team will draft Pryor higher than he should be picked. This has happened before. It will happen again.

Great 40 time, Terrelle Pryor. Welcome to the NFL.

Even if you might not be able to quarterback a lick.

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Great perform best right here. I particularly appreciated that which you desired to say. Maintain likely thinking of you certainly convey a various voice to this subject material.

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Terrelle Pryor  =  Vince Young nuff' said!

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Nba guru, I'm sorry but as long as Al Davis lives, your team will not compete for a championship. Don't even try to defend Davis's self destructing manuevers.

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Pride goeth destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Pryor is as good as he wants to be. I am really waiting for the day when people calling accepting gifts as "off field problems" stops. I even read where someone said that this makes him sick. Well moneybags I'm sorry for the people less fortunate than you who have to accept gifts to compete with the  haves instead of just accepting their station as a have not. I would actually like him to go to indiana. Not is this my home team but, what better tutor than the peyt-man. He could learn as he sat and play a little receiver too. God knows that the colts could use some size at receiver in their diminutive core. But please people let him faile before dooming him to failure. Would you want this treatment for yourself or your son?

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

We've heard it all before.  Straight line speed is important, fine, but mental speed in making decisions and delivering the ball with speed and accuracy are everything.  I don't recall anyone talking about the straight line speed of any of the top NFL QB's--Brady, Manning, Brees or Rivers et al.  Yes, he's a fine athlete and yes he moves well for a big man and yes he opted to remain at OSU for a reaon-he needed the work.     

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 9:58 am

Terrelle Pryor's pro day

Throwing motion can be taught. Cam has changed his since being at Carolina and in 3+ weeks is already showing an improvement. 

Does he have the HEAD for it?  In college, superior athletes can get away with so much more.  In the NFL all the players were superior athletes in College.  Pryor won't have that luxury of being the best athlete on the field.

Carolina did more research and investigating on Cam Newton then any player in their 16 year history. Carolina feels and so far so good, that Cam has the right head for the game.  

Teams don't have the luxury today.  The supplemental draft is TODAY.  I believe Pryor will get his chance and only time will tell. Hell they gave Tebow a chance and Pryor is a better talent than Tebow is.

Good Luck Terrell, you are gonna need it. 

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Terrelle Pryor's pro day

    Pryer's size and speed are what make him attrctive to NFL teams. He wants to play QB, but hasn't the experience, decision making capabilities, or accuracy, to be a starter in pro football. If he agrees to learn a new position, embrace it, everyone says, he could be a star.

    Well, I am here to tell you that his position should be tight end!

    A big man, who can block, has reasonably good hands, would be able to run some option plays, and that speed, should, could, and will excel, at tight end.

    My hope is that the Steelers take him, and we will make him one of the best tight ends in the game.

    You heard it here first!

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