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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

Posted on: August 18, 2011 7:23 am

OPENING HIT: I asked quarterback Andy Dalton, the most recent victim of Ndamukong Suh's quarterback wrecking extravaganza, if he thought Suh was dirty.

"I can't answer that. I don't know," said Dalton. "I thought what he did with me was a little over the top. I can tell you some of my teammates weren't happy about it." A number of Cincinnati offensive linemen jumped in Suh's face after Suh threw Dalton to the ground. Dalton later laughed with me: "It was good to see those guys get my back. Suh is a big guy."

Suh was fined $20,000 for the hit which while not a lot of money to Suh -- the equivalent of a cup of coffee for him -- it's a large fine for a preseason offense. There's no question the NFL was sending a message to Suh: watch yourself.

The question has been asked is Suh dirty? Well, what we think is irrelevant. What is definitely clear is with that fine the NFL was saying hell, yes, Suh is dirty. And that's what's important. The league has targeted Suh.

He's been fined three times in less than a year for beating the DNA out of quarterbacks. That's a lot. Once, okay. Twice, borderline. Three times? Eye opening.

In fairness to Suh his problem is that he is such a strong, athletic freak some of his hits look worse than they are. I'm beginning to think of him as the defensive line equivalent of Randy Moss. That's how freaky his ability is. In a few years he might end up being the best defensive player in football at a position where it's hard to do that.

But along the way Suh had better watch his back. He's being targeted by the league office.

Cam Newton: Will start on Friday. If he plays well, he's the starter.

LAWSUIT COMING? Some of the current players named by Miami Hurricane super-snitch Nevin Shapiro, I'm told, are considering suing him for defamation. That would be an incredibly dumb thing to do. First, my guess is Shapiro has very little funds to get. Second, any players that sue would have to give depositions. In fact, almost everyone involved in the program at that time would likely be forced to testify. Even if one-third of what Shapiro says is accurate that's still a lot of wrongdoing and those depositions would become public. It'd be only a matter of time and if there was a trial everything would be there for all to see. It'd be a huge mess. This will, if it already hasn't, be explained to the players considering suing and they likely won't in the end.

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

The answer is no. But opponents will always make excuses when they are getting the pi$$ beat out of them. Almost no one can handle Suh...ergo, he's "dirty". LOL. 

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

When was the last time The Detroit Lions got so much press?

The answer to your question is NEVER have we gotten this much press.  And not just the press we're getting because of Suh but so many other things as well.  I'm in Canada and I was watching a very popular sports channel doing an NFC Central preview and they mentioned the Lions as a team that could be tough to beat if Stafford stays healthy.   Oh, and I LOVE reading posts in threads ( not this one yet) where fans of opposing teams feel the need to comment off subject saying the Lions aren't going to do well.  This is a good sign because it means fans out there know the Lions are on their way up..... until this past few months nobody even talked about the Lions. People that don't believe a team is worth anything don't talk smack with that team's fans as much as I'm seeing it these days with the Lions. I think one of the last threads I looked at regarding the Lions exceeded 15 pages?  When's the last time that happened?

I can't wait for the regular season to start, it's going to be a great time once again. I was pretty pissed off at the players in the NFL during the lockout but couldn't stay mad if I tried.... I just love football man..... can't wait until the games that count begin !!!!!!!!!!!! 

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

Suh is one of the most dominate defensive lineman ever to enter the game and the NFL has no answer for him. Put a Packer helmet and jersey on Suh and you're looking at Reggie White.

It's so nice to see fans of other teams stick up for Suh, as a Lions fan it actually brings a smile to my face.  Ndamukong Suh is an unbelievable and dominating football player.  For any defensive rookie to get 10 sacks, 66 tackles, a forced fumble and an interception in their rookie year is great but when's the last time a defensive TACKLE did that his rookie season?  I didn't look it up yet, but how many defensive tackles in the NFL had 10 sacks last year?  

As for his so called "dirty play", I'm getting sick of hearing it.  The man is 6'4 and over 300 pounds.  How in God's name is he supposed to stop on a dime when the qb let's the ball go at the last second?  I know they have to protect quarterbacks and I understand a 15 yard penalty is necessary for a late hit, I get it and I don't disagree with that.  But these fines for late hits are getting ridiculous because his intention isn't to hit quarterbacks late, it's to put them on the ground... it's to make a big play.  

His latest hit in my opinion was NOTHING at all.... I've watched it a few times and still can't see the big deal. He didn't try to hurt the qb at all in that play because if he wanted to hurt him they would have been scraping the guy off the field.... 

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

No he is an excellent football player.  One of his jobs is hit the QB.  Once in a while a good player will hit late but that is part of being aggressive.  Goodell and the league are bias toward protecting the WRs and QBs and don't give a turd about protecting the other players.  The NFL is getting to the point where I fear the players will wear flags or play two hand touch.  Just make the QB wear a dress and get it over with Roger. 

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The Daily Shoutout: Is Suh dirty?

I just wonder what guys like Dick Butkis, Joe Green and Ronnie Lott would think about the "dirty" comment. I think I know what they'd say - collectively: "This is still NFL football, right? Millionaire players wearing PADS."

I can't help but think that - eventually - we will see some rule where you CAN'T hit the QB, ever! "Sacks" will become "Subdues".

Let's examine it for just a second. The Lions drafted Suh out of Nebraska, where he dominated in crushing fashion against UNPAID athletes. At the "next level", he's playing "too hard" for the pros??? Really??? 

The grind at the line is 6-10 feet (on average) deep of physical MASH-UP. Any defensive lineman who gets beyond the 300 pound guy who was just trying to plant him into the turf is now supposed to switch into "caution"?

Penalties are there for a reason. You hit late, you get penalized. You hit too HARD??? What happened to football? 

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