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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

Posted on: August 15, 2011 6:11 am

OPENING HIT: Remember when many fans and media said Cam Newton was going to be an arrogant toad in the NFL? He made some immature statements about being an iconic-entertaining-Academy-award-w
inning thespian. Sure, that was dumb. But have you seen and heard Newton lately?

He was interviewed following his first preseason game and when asked to evaluate his performance said: "I can do better." Teammates, I'm told, love him. He's been professional, hard working and, yes, a leader. These are tough days for the Cam Newton haters.

Now, it's early. Many quarterbacks look solid after one preseason game of playing against future UPS drivers. But if you're a Carolina fan, despite Newton's early career hour, this is still encouraging. Mainly because Newton hasn't resembled what so many thought he'd be--even this early.

Newton will need to improve accuracy (as do lots of young throwers) but considering he basically had two weeks of practice and outplayed Jimmy Clausen (who threw a pick six) his game against the Giants wasn't bad at all.

What Newton brings most now is confidence and the Panthers are a team that needs a massive injection of that.

ONLY SOMETHING THAT INTERESTS ME: At one point two different television networks were both claiming they broke news on a free agent wide receiver.

Osi Umenyiora: Just hurry up and sign. Or don't. Or do. Just do one or the other. Thanks.

LAST WORD: What are the Patriots doing? I'll be exploring this in the next few days but these are strange times in New England.

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

I wouldn't worry too much, carvel29; Davethepanther clearly has difficulty distinguishing FACT and OPINION.  What he thinks is FACT; if you disagree with him, that's OPINION, if you're lucky--usually, it's just HATE.  Symptomatic of what's wrong with our country right now--disagreement=hate. 

He thinks Olsen will return to his 2009 form and open up the Panther offense because he's reunited with his college (Miami) OC; to Dave, that's FACT.  I think Olsen won't make much of a difference if they cannot come up with a second and third WR--and the guys on their roster are far from proven in those roles; to Dave, that's HATE.

He thinks Cam Newton has already shown that he's a leader and a QB who will make a difference in the league; to Dave, that's FACT.  I think Cam has a lot to prove, and because I mentioned some other QBs about whom the same things were said that have been said about Cam (I did mention Mark Sanchez, Dave, just not directly) who happened to fail, that's HATE.

In short, there's no point in trying to have a reasonable discussion with Davethepanther, because if you disagree with anything he says, you're a HATER.

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

@Davethepanther1 - My views seem to be the consensus, but if you want facts...Drew Brees and Matt Ryan were pro-bowlers last year.  Josh Freeman had 25 TDs and only 6 INTs.  Cam Newton has a long way to go to not be the worst QB in the division.  I'm not saying that your team sucks; I'm saying that the other teams in the division are better.

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

Irish_titan obviously by your name you are a tad biased towards Clausen.  Looked Worse then Clausen? hahaha  Just because his 1st two passes went for 87 yard doesn't mean he was better.  56 of those 87 was for the other team.

Over-Hyped?  By who?  The FIGHTING IRISH network?  You base your Over-Hyped off of 2 weeks of practice.  Wow you are in the wrong business.  Maybe you should join Mel Kiper and be an analysis.  After a year and a half he is still on the Clausen Bandwagon you and him can go have an Irish Beer and have a wonderful conversaion about how Great Clausen is and what a scrub Newton is.

Stop nuthugging Clausen.  Not a bad QB but no where near Newton level.

Cringing to avoid a hit?  You gotta be kidding.  You must see Clausen face.  That is a CRINGE.  Newton is always smiling.

Don't get lost.  When Carolina crushes your mighty Titans this season I want to remind you of how LOUSY and OVER-HYPED Newton is.

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

carvel29 And what makes you think that?  Just like the other poster I got in a disagreement with.  You base your comments on little fact and speaking out the wrong hole.  We know what comes out of that hole a bunch of Siht.  Back your comments up with some decent fact os STFU.

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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton

His accuracy was not good.  He missed two touchdown throws!!  You can't miss on an easy 7 points in the NFL and expect to win games.  I don't disput his leadership skills.  But he looked worse than Clausen during the game.  Jimmy had one bad throw on miscommunication on a route.  He threw it expecting a hook route and the receiver ran an out.

I don't see Cam being an elite NFL QB.  Over-hyped and unimpressive so far to say the least.

Some of these comments are absurd.  The fact he didn't throw a INT is being perceived as a success.  I saw missed throws and cringing to avoid a hit and missed a TD as a result.

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