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Posted on: August 10, 2011 7:27 am
Edited on: August 10, 2011 7:53 am
OPENING HIT: Some Los Angeles city councily thingy has approved a downtown NFL stadium dealy. Los Angeles and the NFL have been trying to re-activate a franchise in that city for decades now and I've never understood why. Los Angeles is a vastly overrated football town. In fact, it's a vastly overrated sports town that cares only about the Lakers and college football. The only bigger front-running fans are in Atlanta. Or maybe Miami. The NFL has done just fine without a team in Los Angeles. In fact, the NFL has seen its largest expansion ever without Los Angeles in the picture.

It's the political leaders of L.A. that want a team; not the average citizen. The pols and wealthy want a stadium and team so Los Angeles can host Super Bowls. That's it. There's no real fan groundswell or passion for the NFL. None. So now some team like the Chargers will relocate to the NFL and die a short time later. Because that's what NFL teams do in L.A. They die.

SHEER ARROGANCE: Rex Grossman says the Redskins can win the NFC East. I'd say something about Gator arrogance but I won't. I will say Grossman's statement illustrates why I've always believed he won't be a successful NFL quarterback (and so far he hasn't been). Besides a lack of talent Grossman has always underestimated how hard it is to be an NFL quarterback. He underestimates the defenses, the competition, the throws needed to be good. And now a guy who has never won anything in the NFL is guaranteeing his team will win what could be the nastiest division in the sport. Sheer arrogance. Grossman can't even guarantee he won't go 9 for 28 with two picks.

The Redskins will be lucky to win five or six games; 8-8 would be a Super Bowl.

THE LAST WORD: I'm told the league and players continue working towards an agreement for HGH testing but it's still not certain one will be reached. The players are still working through their trust issues with the league. If those can be solved, it'll get done.
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Posted on: August 11, 2011 2:35 pm

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If you don't give a hoot, don't respond.  Between 1949 and 1959, the Mpls Lakers were in 6 Finals, winning 5 (1/3 of the team's titles thus far).  Those teams were the foundation of the Lakers of the 60s/70s, possibly even the 80s... can you prove that wrong?  If LA would have been forced to develop their own team who is to say they would have fared nearly as well (maybe you would have two Clipper franchises)?  Those Senators you mention?  They were terrible.  Now the Twins, thanks to the locals in MN, are considered on of the model franchises in baseball.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:25 pm

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Al Davis has rabies. Oakland is stuck with him. The '49'ers are not going to leave. They are just trying to take public funding from the Republic of San Francisco, a very unlikely event given SF politics. There is still a vestige of Kezar Stadium remaining, and it's used for soccer. That's a good place for greedy owners who are only trying to pirate public funds for their own profit.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:18 pm

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Sorry LA,too much of a melting pot for the home team to have true home-field advantage. Rams won throughout the 70's and 80's and always dealt with a large contingent of east coast fans during home games.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:12 pm

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Reports are out today on ESPN Insider that both Bay Area teams are also in the bidding for relocation to LA. Really 49ers fans, you guys won five Super Bowls of course that was a long time ago and yes your team has sucked for such a long time but to not support it like ESPN Insider has said means to the football world that once again you guys are the worst fans in the NFL. You 49ers fans are a discourse and probably would be better off if your bad team goes to LA were at least the people out there would care about the 49ers team win or loss. You 49ers fans are losers up there in San Fransisco no doubt about that and deserve to loss the team.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:03 pm

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The City and County of LA and residents did not "steal" any sports franchises. The private owners of the franchises chose to relocate their privately owned franchises. The Angels stole the name "Los Angeles", not vice versa. Now the Angels are widely called, sardonically, the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim". The Dodgers, Lakers and an NFL franchise (if one actuially comes about) all will play in privately funded venues. That is in part because the City and County of LA steadfastly refused to build a platinum-plated, publicly owned stadium, for the NFL. LA governments took the position that public funds should not be used for the benefit of the NFL. That is why LA does not have an NFL team. Anaheim has not provided the public  funding demanded by the thieves who run the NFL. Now that two viable, privately funded stadiums have been proposed, the NFL is just too happy to play other communities to provide publicly funded stadiums. All should just say a resounding "NO!"

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 9:41 pm

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Originaldigga14: I responded to a poster who claimed that teams that relocated to LA were"95% bad teams". You reinforced my rebuttal. Thank you. As for me, I live in SD and do not follow the NBA and could give a hoot about your opinions on the Lakers and LA.  I formerly followed thew Lakers and realize 60that they were a perennial contender after moving to LA. The Celtics were the Yankees of the NBA back then (the 1950's-'the 1970's) not the Lakers. The Lakers have been in LA far, far longer than their matriculation in Minnesota and few people connect Minnesota and the Lakers. It's time to get modern, friend. By the way the Washington Senators were moving into Minnesoota and waved at the departing Lakers. One franchise out, another community's team in.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 9:16 pm

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No passion for the NFL in LA? Speak for yourself.I have lived in LA all my life and i am a die hard NFL fan who would do anything to have a team in LA again.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 9:10 pm

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Psst, here's a little secret also; the Lakers were perenial champions BEFORE they moved to LA.  You d bags have a team because you have a much larger population that the city (Minneapolis) that developed that team and handed it to you.  You should get down and bow to the feet of anyone you meet from Minneapolis because without that team all LA would have is a cheating college football program.  We call folks like that leeches up here in the north.  And btw, Frontiere won a championship with that team in St. Louis she "mismananged"

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 9:06 pm

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Why not Jacksonville?

They stole the Dodgers from Brooklyn, the Lakers from Minneapolis, and the Clippers from San Diego.  They stole the Rams from Cleveland, before losing them to St. Louis, and they stole the Raiders…well, ok, Al Davis did most of the stealing in that one, before eventually taking his ball and going back to Oakland.

In fact, only two major pro sports teams have ever been formed in Los Angeles–the Angels, who moved to Anaheim (before Los Angeles “stole” them back, without even needing them to move), and of course the Los Angeles Kings–because when you think Southern California, you think hockey.

So, despite not really showing that they could support one (or two) NFL franchises in the 1990′s, ever since the Rams and Raiders packed up and left, there has been speculation about who Los Angeles would steal to put a team back in the #2 television market in the United States.

Frequently mentioned have been the New Orleans Saints, who recently re-upped their lease at the Superdome, and the Minnesota Vikings, who are looking for a new stadium, but have an iron clad lease at the Metrodome through 2011.  The Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Rams, Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Jacksonville Jaguars have also been mentioned.

But now, the Jaguars may quickly move to the top of that list–and a possible move may happen even sooner than anticipated, with the announcement that all 10 Jaguars home games will be blacked out. Ouch!

Given that there is typically a 72-hour deadline before each game that determines whether or not the game is blacked out, I’m not sure how they can announce all 10 games are blacked out this far in advance–but apparently ticket sales are that dreadful.

And that’s with over 9,700 seats covered with tarps to reduce the overall capacity of the stadium–a move that was made back when the team was actually pretty good.  Now that they’re struggling, maybe they need to buy some bigger tarps?

Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the United States and, yet, they don't seem to like going to football games. The Dolphins and Buccaneers are enough. It was a nice try NFL, but the demographics in this region will not support the Jaguars even after early success with Tom Coughlin as head coach. Move them to Los Angeles. The regional support most likely will surpass Jacksonville by a ton and depressed Dodgers fans will have a new team to root for.


At the very least, Angelinos will have a good-looking Hollywood-type in rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert to hold their interest.



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Posted on: August 10, 2011 8:53 pm

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larry3d4: Your grasp of sports history is woeful. The Rams were a championship caliber team when they relocated to LA and immediately became NFL champions. The Rams were a constant contender through the '50's, '70's and '80's, before Georgia Frontiere deliberately turned the team into an embarassment. The Dodgers moved to LA in 1958 on the heels of many World Series including a World's Championship and having been a constant contending team since the end of WWII. The Dodgers won the 1959 World Series and were a constant contender for the '60's, '70's, "80's, '90's and up to being purchased by the McCourts. Pssst. Here's a secret. The Lakers relocated to LA and became a perennial champion and are indeed the Yankees of the NBA.

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