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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

Posted on: July 30, 2011 3:45 pm
Edited on: July 30, 2011 4:00 pm
This will be Peyton Manning's last contract, his last stint, his last deal before he heads into Canton. Manning already had more money than Trump and this only makes him wealthier. The question for Manning now is simple: what legacy will he leave?

Colts owner Jim Irsay confirmed that Manning signed a contract extension which a league official confirmed was 5-years and $90 million.So the cash is in place. Again. The legacy? More difficult to predict. The end of his career will mirror that of Tom Brady's. Both are around the same age and considered the best of their generation. Manning and Brady are in an arm's race. Brady has the lead with more Super Bowls but it wouldn't be stunning if Manning caught up.

It's true Manning will have to also compete with a number of young, outstanding throwers in his conference like Ben Roethlisberger and outside of his conference like Aaron Rodgers. This one of the great eras for quarterbacks in football.

But for Manning his biggest competition is Brady. That is whom Manning sees as his greatest competition and indeed the two quarterbacks have had some legendary battles.

Brady has the lead but is Manning far behind?
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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

I looked up the stats on and in these random years i picked during peyton and brady's super bowl years, and the years in he middle, 2001 brady1, 2003 brady1, 2004 brady1, 2006 peyton1, 2007 the teams defensve Points Per Game was roughly this.
2001: Pats 15, Colts 31

2003: Pats 16, Colts 27

2004: Pats 17, Colts 23

2006: Pats 16, Colts 19

2007: Pats 15, Colts 18

This alone shows that in order to have a great season, or win the Super Bowl, during these years(and most likely other years, i just didnt feel like looking up every single year) Peyton had to score an average of at least a TD more  than Brady had to. For example in 2001, if brady's offense scored 16 pts they win, while manning's O had to score an avg of 32 pts to win.  16 is fairly easy, 32 is much harder. i believe manning is easily superior individually. team-wise i would go with pats by a narrow margin.  

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

The refs may cater to manning like they do Brady, but I don't think they've reinvented rules ("tuck rule") or made up rules (tackling below the knees on a quarterback in the pocket if his name is Brady...ok, so I added that last part) for Manning.

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

If you dont hink the refs cater to manning the same way they do brady, you must only be basing your opinion on ESPN highlights.  Trust me, while flags related to Brady are more publicized (due to people loving to hate brady, belichek and the pats in general) Manning gets just as many BS calls as Brady does and he whines to the officials just as much as Brady does.

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

dog-fighter was doing time, while brady and manning were winning superbowls.

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.  The numbers can be manipulated to whatever the desired outcome is for the reader.  One could factor in parameters that could make any reader satisfied to their point of view.

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still battling

I strongly agree. The media (including TV shows like "Mike and Mike") has dumbed down the conversation of "who is the greatest individual" in every sport (perhaps to create controversy, like saying peach pie tastes better than apple pie) to over-emphasize team performance. Clearly some credit should be given for QB performance (win or lose) in games that count more than other games (such as playoff games). Equally, games played in December when a team's situation has been determined, should count less.

In this age of video analysis qu
arterbacks could be judged by measurable things such as:

1. Did they throw the ball to the most open reciever in the time that they were allotted?

2. How much pressure were they under?

3. How accurately did they throw the ball?

They should give the quarterback credit if a reciever drops an easy ball, and no credit for a spectacular catch (lke fielding errors in baseball, this would be a judgment call). Each pass could be judged on a scale of 1-10 instead of "complete, incomplete, interception.

Interceptions of "hail-mary" passes at the end of a half should not count as interceptions, just incomplete passes.

There is no perfect system, as it would still be impossible to know if receivers ran the wrong route, but perhaps that miscommunication could fall under the category of leadership.

These could be modifications to the QB rating system.

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