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Posted on: July 1, 2011 5:31 am
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HUSTLE AND FLOW: So what in the hell happened on Thursday? One minute there is optimism and promise that football is returning and in the next the talks de-evolve into a Stephen King movie. Some of this is the simple ebb and flow of a brutal negotiation to get a new collective bargaining agreement. But to fully understand how talks went from extremely hopeful to negative to hopeful again in the span of 24 hours -- capped off with a monstrous 15-hour negotiation that resumes on Friday -- think Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football.

Based on interviews with several people familiar with the discussions this is what happened. The players thought they had an agreement on the important split of overall revenue. In fact, despite the protestations to players in a conference call, the NFLPA believed a deal was indeed near. Then, the sources stated, owners suddenly reversed course, and offered models that had been previously rejected by the players.

Some players felt bamboozled and were infuriated, I'm told. They felt it was the old rope-a-dope, Lucy and the football. While talks where not in jeopardy of totally collapsing they did then get extremely emotional. This is where Judge Arthur Boylan, who is mediating the talks, truly earned his paycheck. I'm told he basically saved the negotiations from obliterating, calmed the players down, and kept the sides together. They ended up speaking for 15 hours and are scheduled to continue talking on Friday.

The fact both sides continue to talk is obviously key but it does seem the players are more sincere about getting a deal done than the owners. At least for the moment that's the case. The NFLPA isn't playing games; the owners, at least in this one instance, certainly did.

So here we are...again. Hanging on every word and piece of news and hopefully that news will get better in the coming days.
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The problem that I have with Freeman is that, he always uses: " unnamed sources " or "people familiar with the situation." He expects us to believe that this information is factual and non-biased. He uses the info to create sensational headlines and articles which make Freeman money. He has already proven that he is willing to lie on his resume to further his career so it's not unrealistic to believe that he would     
   " stretch the truth " to gain readership.  

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antoseven you mean to tell me there is no writer or news anchor or opinion writer anywhere you dont like?
If you say no then you lie if you say yes im betting you have complained even if it was to yourself in your moms basement.
Another thing is he has lied in articles and about his work and education and has been caught and called on it.
So if i read Freeman or anyone else and the site he or she works for gives me a place to say something like cbs does i will say something.

Im also betting that some president has done something you dont like and you complained well if he was so incompetent why arent the president?Or a cop,or cook or any number of things im sure you have complained about.
So the only delusions here are yours you clown THINK next time you post you dick.

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   Why so negative about the writers on this site? If a critic of this site sees such wrongs and incompetence, why then aren't they here (and employed) and writing articles themselves??
   It's really about the MLB, NFL, NBA, etc., and not about the writers.
   And, it's REALLY NOT ABOUT the reader's delusions of grandeur in heavily criticizing the professionals who write for these websites.

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Why do the players expect to be set for life after playing 4 to 7 yrs
in the league? They all got a free college education thrown at them
as least they were given the opportunity. Life after football should
have you get a job, like the rest of us except for the Welfare

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The Daily Shoutout

A longtime New York Times sportswriter who left to join the Indianapolis Star has resigned from his new job after admitting that he falsified his résumé.

Mike Freeman, who covered professional and basketball and did investigative reporting at the Times, apologized for telling the Star that he was a graduate of the University of Delaware. He said he attended the school for four years but did not graduate.

"These were lies," Freeman, 37, said in a statement posted on the He added: "This was a terrible and unforgivable manipulation of the facts. . . . It was the only time I have told such falsehoods and no other deceptions have ever appeared in any of my newspaper stories or two books at any time in my 16 years of practicing journalism. Nevertheless, the information I gave the Star was wrong and I will be punished with the loss of my newspaper career."

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I thought that both sides decided not to talk to the media about the negotiations... Maybe this came to Freeman in a dream....

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They call the former players who crossed the picket line SCABS.
The current players who dropped out of the Union are officially
now SCABS themselves.

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