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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Posted on: June 23, 2011 3:52 pm
Edited on: June 24, 2011 7:18 am
DeMaurice Smith is an extremely smart man. He's a lawyer and highly skilled when it comes to dealing with the media. Both of these facts were on display Thursday as Day 100 of the NFL lockout arrived like a drunk uncle at a family cookout. first reported that in a conference call with team player reps, Smith said owners and players weren't close to making a deal. Now, I can tell you, Smith basically did say that, according to several players on the call. The problem is, Smith is using classic hyperbole. Multiple sources on both sides, as well as countless media outlets, suggest the owners and players are indeed closing in on an agreement.

Smith isn't lying. He's doing what smart negotiators do. He's tempering expectations. Smith knew certain aspects of the call would leak and what he's doing is controlling the message. The NFL does the exact same thing.

After speaking/texting with player participants, I'd say the following represents the true tone of the call: It was informational with very few details discussed and the players were told their negotiating team is ready to agree to a deal if it's the right deal. I think the right deal is not far away at all.

The fact Smith shared few specific details on the call is also instructive. He knew they'd leak and he doesn't want to violate the trust of either the owners or the judge overseeing the discussions. That's also smart.

So as the lockout hits Day 100, there still remains great hope of a deal getting completed sooner than later. And with all due respect, Mr. Smith, I'm not falling for the banana in the tailpipe trick.
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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

The NFL is very peculiar in terms of business and employment, so it's a dumb idea to really compare it to average employment. I believe it was you who attacked me first my friend. Your nothing but a bully who abuses other's and when people adopt the same approach you do nothing but moan. From what I can read in other posts everyone whos argued with your posts have done so with facts and opinions, other than you. Your posts are down right rude and aggressive, one bit of advise its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Thats what your problem is instead of firing back at any one person you generalized and put yourself above anyone who does not make as much as you or does not have a boss or whatever your stupid argument was.

Are you smarter than other people i'm sure you do have more intelligence than someone on this planet for that matter on this site,but does that give you the right to say the things you did?Does that make you better than anyone?As a white man if i called you the "Nword" what would that make me a racist?Should it not go both ways?You put yourself above a great deal of people what does that make you?

A black man with the right to be prejudice because somehow you think every white person is trying to put you down is still a prejudice dick.
If i had said the things you did you would lable me a racist.
What is your lable?

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Actually I looked back on the thread and I see Flash attacked me too.

In general I know that nobody with intelligence spends much time on these boards or wastes time arguing on the internet, so I do not expect much.  Still, you people are...really...really stupid. 

People as dumb as you really should not be calling anybody else out on word choice or anything else.  You people can't even spell correctly...a typo here and there you can overlook, but your posts are riddled with errors.  Give me a break, seriously.

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

No boss and if you work for someone you should kill yourself?Nice sounds about right,if you're not a good as me kill yourself.So should the poor just start jumping off bridges,what is a fitting punishment for people on welfare gunshot to the head?Don't forget the old they must really sicken you.You are a turd,a clown a downright dick.People like you deserve a special place in hell you no class prejudice little bitch.
Flash: Before you attack me, look at why I wrote what I did.  These other clowns started using personal attacks on me and are still doing so, because they don't have any arguments and can't think logically.  I never wrote anything about anyone else until I was attacked first.

If people are going to be jackasses, I can return it in kind.  If people want to have civil debates, I'd prefer that.  Even if it's the internet however, I'm not just going to sit there and watch people insult me with no thought of their own, I'll just fire back with the same lazy effort and operate on their level.

If you're going to do the same shit as them, then right back at you.  Fuck you all the way to hell.  If you want to be civil though, again, I'm all for that.  I just expect very little out of people on this board.

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Greed is going to be the end of football.The only victims here are the Fans prices are going to skyrocket.While rich people fight for more money the not so fortunate fan has to dish out more money to watch football.Hockey did the same thing an there not doing AS well as they use to. The fans should have a voice .

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

<YAWN> wake me up in two weeks ...

this is old...but the attention whores that are the negotiators are still happy because they are still relevant - we're still talking about them. 

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

Really another  whoa is me freind to the player.My God really owners making billions while poor old players getting nothing.
Your argument would mean something if you ever heard one of these guys talking about past players but you don't period.
You are right though players should get what they can when the can,but the owners have a right to pay them what they want also.
Former players didn't get anything like todays players get and they at least deserve good health care,but all i'm hearing is players want 50% of the money or owners to spend 100% of the cap space they have or only wanting 2 preseason games ect. ect. ect.

Players life span in the nfl is short you right agin,but one problem with your argument that if their degree is in football than they have a big problem because im sure no of these guys are planning on dying the year after they retire so should'nt they make plans for after football?
Should the owners pay them until they die?Should fans pay them after they retire?What is your solution?Face it football like all other sports is a buisness and you only get paid when you are productive.Players dont make the league its the other way around if it were not the case than people would stop watching when player switched teams retired ect.

You tell someone that his post is fantasy maybe you should think before typing.

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Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats

djd2471, Bitter much?

Why shouldn't the players demand the most that they can get?  After all, America spends billions of dollars each year to watch them play.  Why should the owners get to keep all the money.  Nobody cares about Jerry Jones' newest facelift or watching Al Davis turn into the Crypt Keeper.  Show me anywhere else in the world where people pay $500 a pop to watch a PhD do his job?

You talk about the players claiming they're mistreated, then mention how former NFL players worked for chump change with no support for their retirement and are then forgotten about.  Are you suggesting that's a good thing?  Most of those former players are broke and broken, after sacrificing their bodies so that the owners could get rich off their blood and broken bones.  That's why the players should get everything they can, while they can.  You forget that most NFL players don't make millions of dollars, and the average NFL career is 3 years. 

You tell the players to quit and go get a job in whatever their degree is in.  Their degree is in football.  That's what they've worked their entire lives for.  NFL players are the best in the world at what they do.  You can bet that it takes a lot more work and dedication to make it to the NFL than it does to get a buisiness degree from Michigan State (no offense Spartans).

You're entire post is based in fantasy.  The players aren't the ones asking for more money; the owners are!  The players aren't threatening a strike; the owner's are locking them out!  The players just want to keep things the same, but the owners say they're losing money.  Well if they are, then prove it, and open up the books.

To borrow your own phrase, "if you don't like it, quit."  Quit watching football that is.  Save yourself the time and just send a check to Randy Lerner, or Woody Johnson, or Pat Bowlen, or Jimmy Irsay, or any other hard-working college graduate, who had the business accumen to pull himself up by his boot straps and inherit daddy's money!

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