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Posted on: April 26, 2011 7:44 am
CHAOS: There will be NFL players reporting to team facilities on Tuesday morning and what happens no one will know for sure. Two agents told early Tuesday morning they instructed their players to report as a way of insuring collection of off-season bonus checks. Several other agents said they'd wait 24-48 hours before sending players to report (if they do at all). What the players who do report find will be interesting. A league source confirmed that players are to be allowed into facilities but front office officials and coaches have been instructed not to contact players so facilities might look like an empty movie set.

It's a sign that the owners were caught totally off-guard by the ruling of Judge Susan Nelson. They thought Nelson would rule for them. They still believe the higher court on appeal will rule for them as well. We'll see.

SCARE TACTICS : I'll be writing more on this later today. Unbelievable.

MEANWHILE: While you were sleeping the owners notified Nelson they would appeal her ruling. That's different from the stay request which will be ruled on soon. The overall appeal will be ruled on sometime in late May or June.

MEANWHILE PART TWO: Look at the recent legal cases--the league was beaten in the key American Needle case, they were destroyed in the television lockout fund case, and Nelson hammered the league on Tuesday. The NFL might want to go here .

A new NFL era begins today. Unless it doesn't . See you Wednesday.

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Morning Shoutout

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Morning Shoutout

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Morning Shoutout

32Zone, evidently you know very little about anything going on. The "greedy" owners are not making that much at all. The investment goes up in value, but they are getting little in the way of real cash flow. The GB Packers just won the SB and are a publicly owned team that shows thier books, this last year they turned a little of a 1% profit, pretty sad for a SB winning team. For any fan to be on the side of the players is stupid, the players win then the fans lose, ticket prices will have no choice but be higher, the odds are a win by the players also puts NFL games on pay per view. It takes very little research to figure out whats going on with your NFL owners, try Jerry Jones, when he bought the Cowboys he was worth 700 million, he spent 150 million to get the Cowboys, left him with 550 million. Today Jones is worth a tad under 2 billion, 1.6 billion of that worth is the Cowboys, what that equates to is jones has 400 million is other assets now, in other words he has lost 150 million since he has owned the Cowboys. Remeber, Forbes just bases the value of the teams and owners on the facts in front of them, just because they say a team is worth X does not mean it can sell for X. Fact is the last 4 NFL teams have sold for quite a bit less than the Forbes stated value. The owners have to be able to turn a profit in order for the teams to gain value, and over half the league is not turning a profit.

As for the antitust exemption, just because the union decertified does not make the league in non-compliance, there was no union from 1987 to 1993, yet the antitrust stood up. Antitrust issues have nothing to do with a court of law, the most they can do is say they have violated the antitrust exemption, but even still that would be up to congress to affirm that decision before anything could ever be done about the judgement. Antitrust exemptions are from congress, and they are the only ones that have to power to remove them.

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legally the owners are in trouble with this judge.  Their antitrust exemption isn't holding up since the union has disbanded.  Their attorneys are probably getting $2000 / hour but it will not do much good.  The greedy owners will have to pay whatever the players are demanding.

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Morning Shoutout

The Judge is not permitted to weigh conduct between mediating parties in rendering a decision. Public policy of the United States has long held
that voluntary dispute resolution (principally, mediation and arbitration) is in the public interest. A judicial decision that speaks detrimentally to the conduct of parties in mediation would chill the willingness of parties to engage in voluntary dispute resolution. If your opinion about the NFL/NFLPA mediation is correct, which I seriously doubt, then Judge Nelson violated public policy favoring voluntary resolution of disputes. Voluntary dispute resolution is critical to controlling precious judicial and court resources, so I highly doubt that Judge Nelson opined in the manner you claim.

Didn't say she used it champ, said that it was reported back to her.  You'd be foolish to think it wasn't, or that it wasn't being tracked by her in one way shape or form.


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Morning Shoutout

Floptop - And then one team who really wanted the best QB out there, would say ok - we will pay you 3 million if you come to us.  Other teams would have to let it go, otherwise its collusion and players could sue the league for breaking antitrust laws.  The teams can't make all the same agreements, there would be instant lawsuits and any judge would see it very unlikely that every team had the same team rules.

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Each team, not as a group could make a team rule to not pay over 2 million a year for top players. Minmum of 100 thousand. Most of the best players aren't qualified to do anything else. Before long they would be out of lawyer money. The car companies unions tried running the car companies, that didn't work out well for the taxpayers or the car buyers.

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