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Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

Posted on: February 4, 2009 12:39 pm

The following appeared recently in Facebook and it's certain to generate quite a bit of outrage. A portion of the posting is below and the expletives have been deleted by me:



The post goes on to describe the party:




This post isn't about the normally profane garbage that floats about in cyberspace. This is different and worse.

The party is being thrown for one current and one former Nebraska Cornhusker football player who've been accused of some extremely serious crimes.

The "Andy's Free" refers to former Nebraska offensive lineman Andy Christensen who was accused in March of fondling a woman in a bar. He was eventually acquitted of those charges by a jury. However, according to various media reports, Christensen pled guilty to resisting arrest and criminal mischief in connection with the case.

"After speaking with Andy Christensen and his family, as well as coach Osborne, our administration and the Unity Council," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini wrote in a statement in September of 2008, "we have made the decision to reinstate Andy to our football team. That being said, I have clearly explained to Andy and his family that going forward he will zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and any off-field incidents."

The "Hunter's F-----" portion refers to Hunter Teafatiller, the former Nebraska tight end who was arrested twice on suspicion of drunk driving within a three-month period in 2007, according to media reports.

Crude? Yes. Profane? Yes.

But this is the biggest problem. Current Nebraska players are scheduled to attend the party (as well as a former Nebraska student who stripped for Playboy). They've acknowledged so on the Facebook page.

This means ostensibly the school and team are approving a party being thrown for a criminal who resisted arrest and an alleged habitual drunk driver.

If Nebraska knows about this party and does nothing about it, then Nebraska should catch major hell. They shouldn't allow their athletes to attend this kind of party with that kind of them.

Actually, if this party goes forward and athletes attend, someone at Nebraska should get fired.



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Posted on: February 6, 2009 6:22 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

Freeman is the worst blogger on here by far. No wonder he got canned from his last job. He didnt even graduate from college. Vote for him here as the worst blogger on CBS

Since: Feb 6, 2009
Posted on: February 6, 2009 12:29 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

OMG!!!!!!  There is going to be a party at a college, and there might be alchohol and women there.  What is this world coming to?!?!

Since: Mar 17, 2008
Posted on: February 5, 2009 4:24 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

Nice write up chief!  Have you ever considered getting the facts before signing your name to it?  Do your homework next time your going to write up an article trying to bury a player and a school. 

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Posted on: February 5, 2009 2:29 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?


Not only is this a prime example of a good example of a writer who has run out of things to write about, but also of misinformation and overdramatization.  Head Coach Bo Pelini has ALREADY come out and said that it was a fake Facebook event, and that it was created as a bad joke put on by a friend of Christenson's.  Get a journalistic life!!!!!!

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 10:11 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?


You must have no life at all.  What kind of college experience did you have?  


I am guessing that when you were in college you never went to a party, nor did you ever use a derogatory term?

These are college kids.  I challenge you to find me one division one college football player who has never been to a party (outside the state of Utah of course)


College students are profane.  College students drink.  College students do stupid things.  You are an absolute ace reporter, because this is all new information to me.  

You re a clown, and I am never wasting my time reading your worthless section again.

Get a life.

Since: Feb 4, 2009
Posted on: February 4, 2009 9:02 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

this is a pathetic article and it seems as though you have an axe to grind.  first off andy was found not guilty of the obsene charges so wouldnt you be happy if justice was severed and you were found not guilty??? and second hunter has a problem w drinking and driving, he has been caught 3 times.  your gonna tell me you havent drove with impaired 3 times in your life??? get real and try writing about something that isnt complete bs next time

Since: Feb 29, 2008
Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:16 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

Is there nothing else to write about, did you troll myspace also. Im surprised LP was mentioned.

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 4:34 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

WOW Freeman actually wrote a couple paragraphs without being racist to white people or using foul language.  If you take half of this guys comments and reversed them onto black people then that writer would be fired and never get a job again.  Freeman is by far the worst writer on any major sports site.  He is the only thing that keeps Dodd out of the bottom of the barrel.

Since: Jan 27, 2009
Posted on: February 4, 2009 4:28 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

He only wrote this column because both players were caucasian.

If either of the players were African American he wouldn't have wrote this article.

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 4:18 pm

Disgusting Party at Nebraska?

What's the address for the party?

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